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High level Wellness company provides training for people from all walks of level catering for the mind body and soul. Comprehensive training from cupping to holistic therapies used in various cultures across the globe. Bespoke training for individuals to organizations, to provide appropriate and comprehensive services to their clients with over 25 years of training experience from charities to blue chip companies.


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Healing Remedies

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“We enjoyed all of the programme, we found everything very helpful & interesting. This is one of the best training we have done”



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“This course was excellent, I am a fully qualified Hijama therapist now & the knowledge I gained from this course was excellent. Tutor support & ongoing support really helped. I recommend HLW courses to everyone out their”


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I am very pleased that I undertook this course. From the start till the end the course was very well structured and organized. We got to practice during the course which was great practice and I felt I was almost a hijama therapist. Sister Robina was a very pleasant and wonderful teacher with an abundance of knowledge. I was so impressed by the way she performed the cuts, so quickly and with negligible pain. At the end, I would say the course delivered a wealth of knowledge to all of us. I will strongly recommend this course



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Robina Ahmed BSc 

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