Welcome to High Level Wellness. We have been training for over 25yrs operating under different Training Organisations for e.g. Training Wise Ltd, CDTS and HPMI (Hijama & Prophetic Medicine Institute).


We have vast experience of training and designing our own bespoke courses for the corporate & the charitable sector.


HLW is health based training developed through the experience of training past clientele and in response to the needs of modern health issues.


HLW training is drawing from the rich and diverse cultures and their traditions which impact their health and wellbeing at a Global Level.


In response to the growing health concerns in the various communities there was a strong need to provide training to address these issues and to offer alternative solution for various health professionals and individuals.


our mission

To provide individuals accredited and insured courses that lead to a professional career or employment. 

To empower individuals and organisations about various aspects of health and well being. 

Our Approach

Best tailored training courses that are recognised, to increase awareness amongst the service providers; from volunteering groups corporate companies about the best and most tailored service.