Hijama Training With High Level Wellness

Diploma Cupping / Hijama Training

The diploma will teach students how to cup patients safely and hygienically as well as diagnose their medical condition.

Through formal teaching and practical demonstrations, students
will be confident enough to cup others and gain an insight to the anatomy,
physiology & pathology.

Formal training takes place over two days in a classroom

Day 1 consists of mainly theory and Day 2 mainly practical
work introducing:

  • Massage cupping
  • Fire cupping
  • Wet cupping.

It can take between 3 to 6 months to complete the course.
Once completed, one can obtain insurance and begin a career in cupping.

One Day Hijama Workshop

One day workshop for professionals

on various health approaches for maintaining good health

healing post covid concerns

Research has shown apart from the already established concerns amongst the south Asian community and BAME, the post covid figures gave highlighted the vulnerability of the south Asian especially the BAME group.

Purpose of this course is to increase awareness and give various strategies on helping the various community members who are vulnerable by  understanding the following:

Cultural and religious approaches to health.

Why the discrepancy between the BAME group and indigenous community in terms of health.

How to use various strategies in terms of healing methods like herbs, massage, cupping , growing own food etc

Course will involve case studies and using various remedies with hands on , like making some remedies and free samples with course notes.

The healing perspectives to be looked at which will compact on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Herbs and spices how to grow, use, grow and their properties. Samples will be given and how they have been used in various traditions and communities.

Cupping- fire, dry and massage- hands on practice

Spiritual healing- role of prayers, positive thinking and touching upon some end of life perspectives

Workshop will have notes, samples and some remedies like gold milk will be made. Cupping practice on one self.

Lectures in the morning  and after lunch hands on activities with case studies.

Certificate upon completion of the course.

Course cost £75. Early bird discounts available . Group bookings eligible for discount.

Fire Cupping

This course teaches the traditional method of fire cupping, an ancient technique used in Chinese medicine. There are a number of benefits of fire cupping and its effects such as relaxation and to help with pain and inflammation.

Course content includes:

-Anatomical significance of the cupping points and their link with illnesses.
-Study of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the body.
-Procedures in Health, safety & hygiene.
-Certified hijama and fire cupping course
-Course recognised and validated by IPHM
-Insurance available immediately upon completion of the course
-Post course support available and CPD
This course is open to everybody 16 and above.
Students will receive a certificate once they have successfully completed the course.

Upcoming Courses

The following dates have been finalized for the coming courses for the diploma
18-19th dec slough
20-21 Dec East London
25-26 Dec Manchester
30-31 Dec Blackburn
8-9th January Birmingham

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