Panjeeri Balls

This is a great winter snack and is commonly recommended for pregnant women.

The ingredients soothe sore muscles and reduce body aches. It is also traditionally recommended for lactating mothers as it is believed to stimulate milk flow and help regain post delivery strength.

As a gluten free alternative, gram flour can also be used as a base. In this recipe, we will use ground lentils.


1 )  150 g pistachio

2 )  150g walnuts

3 )  1.5kg ghee

4 )  1.5g  of brown sugar or add more dates and omit the sugar

5)  500g almond

6)  30g poppy seeds

7) 2kg channa daal

8) 1kg moong daal

9) 300g raisins

10) 300g cashew nuts


1 ) In a large pan begin by roasting the ground moong with some of the ghee on a low heat for about 15 minutes until this begins to brown.

2 ) Put that aside in a large bowl.

3 ) Now add  more butter and the ground channa dahl slow cooking again in small amounts so that it cooks well and now add this to the large bowl too.

4 ) Now return both cooked browned lentils to the pan.

5) Add the sugar or sweetener and the crushed nuts.

6) Add to this the raisins,  poppy seeds and grated coconut.

7) Stir everything equally and add the melted remining ghee and keep on a low heat until absorbed.

8) Now prepare balls ready to store in an airtight container which will keep for up to 3 months.